We manually assign each property to the correct tax map sheet that the lot is located on. This saves an enormous amount of time when obtaining a properties tax map. In addition, you’re able to view the entire districts tax map book and download it in electronic file format without making a property search. All tax maps are updated at LEAST once a year. Occasionally, properties are sub-divided and the engineer may apply the change to reflect on the tax map immediately. If you feel this may have happened, contact us an we will obtain the most current tax map at no charge typically within 24-48 business hours. We’re dedicated to keeping all of our records up to date, including tax and zoning maps.

Our Mission

This site is created and maintained with the primary intention of assisting government officials, real estate professionals, engineering companies and other agencies in obtaining convenient and simplified access to New Jersey property records covered by the Open Public Records Act in New Jersey.

It is important to note that the access charges required for this web site service are necessary to cover the expenses related to staff, hardware and software which are utilized to provide this service capability via the Internet. Provisioning for this service is not funded by any government entity, nor is this capability a requirement of the Open Public Records Act.